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Rosalie Hale
Biographical information

Early 1915, Rochester, New York


April 1933, Rochester, New York

Created by

Carlisle Cullen


  • Rose
  • Babe
  • Kitty
  • Sleepless Beauty
  • Blondie
Physical description






Hair color

Pale blond

Eye color

  • Violet/Blue (as human)
  • Crimson (as newborn vampire)
  • Gold (as vampire)
  • Black (when thirsty as a vampire)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics

Basic vampiric abilities; beauty (even for a vampire)



Rosalie Lillian Hale (born 1915 in Rochester, New York), She is the wife of Emmett Cullen and the adoptive daughter of Carlisle Cullen and Esme Cullen , as well as the adoptive sister of Jasper Hale , Alice Cullen and Edward Cullen . Rosalie is the adoptive sister-in-law of Bella Swan and adoptive aunt of Renesmee Cullen , as well as the ex-fiancée of Royce King .

In 1933, Rosalie was transformed into a vampire by Carlisle after being raped and beaten to the brink of death by a group of drunken men including Royce King II, her fiancée. Two years later, Rosalie rescued a young man named Emmett from being mauled by a bear, and after his transformation into a vampire, the two fell very deeply in love. Along with Emmett, Rosalie was an integral member of the Cullen family and fought eagerly against those who threatened them.

Early LifeEdit

As A HumanEdit

Rosalie Lillian Hale was born in Rochester, New York in 1915; she had two younger brothers, a housewife for a mother, and her father worked at a bank. Rosalie's father's job helped keep the family wealthy during the Great Depression. She was born beautiful and constantly praised,

250px-Rosalie e Royce King II

Rosalie and Royce

making her vain and self-centered. However, unlike her parents, who always wanted more out of life despite their already elevated status, Rosalie was just happy in the knowledge that she was Rosalie Hale, and that she was very beautiful.One day, Rosalie's mother had her dress up to deliver her father's forgotten lunch to his job, in the hopes that the son of the bank's owner would take more interest in Rosalie. It worked. Royce King II sent roses to Rosalie and, after making a comment that her eyes were like violets, Rosalie began receiving them, too. One night when Rosalie and Royce when to a ball. Later that night at the ball Royce proposed to Rosalie. Shortly before the wedding Rosalie realized that Royce and her didn't spend anytime together and that Royce would rather spend most of his time with his friends. Rosalie also started to question her love for Royce. One cold night in April Rosalie went to her friend Vera's house to ask her in her opinion in the marriage. Rosalie envied Vera for her baby boy Henry and for the love her and her husband have. When Rosalie left Vera's house she decided to go on with marriage to Royce. On her way home from Vera's house she saw some drunken men and when she herd one of the men call her name she realized that it was Royce and his friends. Rosalie walked over to Royce and his friends, Royce started to rape her. Every time she cried out in pain Royce would hit her and slammed her head in the concrete witch made her head bleed a lot. All of the men had there turn at her, then they left her there to die. While they where leaving they were laughing and one of the men said that Royce would need to find a new wife. While Rosalie was laying there it started to snow.

Dr. Carlisle Cullen smelled the blood and tried to help Rosalie. Rosalie closed her eyes and waited to die while Carlisle tried to fix her up. When Rosalie opened her eyes she was in a bright room. The pain finally started to dull and she was happy because she thought she was finally dieing. Then she felt something sharp cutting her throat, wrist, and ankles. She screamed out in pain and asked the Cullen's tho kill her. While she was in her transformation Carlisle held her had and told her what he was and what she was becoming...a vampire. Edward was arguing with Carlisle. He wanted Rosalie dead. Esme sided with Carlisle. After the argument Esme sat with Rosalie through the rest of her transformation. Rosalie Hale died April 25th 1933.

As A VampireEdit

Rosalie Lillian Hale was born on April 25th 1933. Rosalie and her family bonded most of the time. First Carlisle told Rosalie how he became a vampire and his special gift, then Esme, and then Edward. Edward also told Rosalie that he went to her home in Rochester, New York and brought her back her diary. When Rosalie read it all she can do is think about Royce. She wanted to get revenge on Royce and his friends. Her new family, the Cullen's, didn't want her to go along with her plan but she ignored them. She killed the four men involved with the rape and death. Then she took a few days of rest so she can be well prepared for Royce. She wanted him to know that she was coming. Then she went to a bridal store and stole a wedding dress. Then she went to get Royce. There were two guards in front of Royce's door. She broke both of there necks. She first watched him cower in fear for a hour. Then he started to apologize and she snapped. She pinned him against the wall and then throw him on the floor. She started to slowly brake his body parts one by one. She started with his wrist, then she broke his jaw, and then his legs by stepping on his knees, and then she stepped on his organs. She sat on his chest and watched the fear and agony on his face. Then she realized that killing Royce wouldn't turn back the clock. So then she she stepped on his throat and killed him.

Two Years after the killing Rosalie was hunting in Tennessee alone when she herd some yelling. She saw a man being malled by a grizzly bear. She ran over to the bear and throw it across the field and it hit a tree. She looked at the man and just felt connected to him. She then noticed his dimples and then she realized that he reminded her of her friend Vera's son Henry. She then picked him up started to run as fast as she could back to the house they live in. She begged Carlisle to say the human and he agreed. She stayed with the human not wanting to leave


The Cullen's

him. Then Esme came in for her shift and said Rosalie should rest. Carlisle and Edward kicked Esme and Rosalie out of the room because the human was muscular and tall and as a newborn he was stronger then them all put together. After a while Rosalie went in to the room and introduced herself and the human introduced himself. His mane is Emmett. About a minute later Emmett ran out of the room and into the forest. He bit a man hunting and when he was done he feel to his knees and asked God what has he done. Rosalie watched over Emmett to make shore he didn't do anything he would regret. The Cullen's where hunting in the forest in Forks when they saw some wolves. The Cullen's where about to try to catch them when Edward said 'stop.' He said they where half human and that they new what the Cullen's where. The giant wolf turned right before there eyes. The wolf man's name was Ephraim Black. Carlisle and Ephraim Black came up with an agreement after a bit of arguing. The laws where to never kill a human, never turn another human, and stay off there lands. There side of the deal was they would keep the Cullen's secret and stay off the Cullen's private land. One day they herd a knock at the door and there was a girl named Alice and her mate Jasper. Alice says that she had a vision of the Cullen's and how there works. She spent sometime getting to know Alice and Jasper and she learned about there gifts. Lately Edward has been a little more lively. Carlisle had a talk with the family for a cover story for Alice and Jasper. They came up with that Alice is there new adopted daughter and that Jasper is Rosalie's twin brother and that he take her last name Hale.

Relationship Edit

Rosalie and Emmett. When Rosalie looks at Emmett she sees the light surrounding him. She hears Emmett's voice even when she's not with him. Whenever Emmett kisses her she feel's like Icarus. She say's that Emmett's arms are her wings and his heart is her sky. Over the past couple of month's Rosalie has been wondering what Emmett got her for Christmas. Rosalie and Alice went shopping and Rosalie asked Alice what Emmett bought her for Christmas but Alice didn't tell Rosalie. Instead they bought Christmas gifts. She got Edward a black leather journal, and a few music books. She got Jasper some books on philosophy. She got Alice a bunch of clothes and a beautiful bracelet. She got Carlisle a stack of books. Some were medical books and some were history books. She got Esme a beautiful dress and some expensive bottle's of perfume. And she bought Emmett a golden watch, all new sport's equipment, lots of clothing and a beautiful silk piece of lingerie for her to wear on Christmas day.

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Rosalie and Emmett

On Christmas day everyone there gift's. Then Emmett said he had something special for her. He knelled down and pulled out a black satin box. He said "Rose i have loved you since the very first moment i saw you. It was you I was waiting for Rose. Your very presence brought me my salvation and true love. Honor me by being my wife and I vow that I will protect you and worship you for the rest of time. I love you." After a moment of shock Rosalie whispered "yes." The Emmett lifted her up into the air and spun her around and followed with a hug. Then they embraced a kiss passionately. Then Emmett grabbed the ring and flipped it over to show Rosalie the engraving on the inside. It read: "My love for you knows no limit." Then he put the ring on her index finger and smiled. Rosalie planned the wedding for March 17th St. Patrick's day because Emmett loved that holiday as a human. Then Rosalie left Esme and Alice to plan the rest of the wedding. Rosalie went outside and stared at the starts. Then Emmett joined her and gave her a hug. Then they started to talk about the future. Then Emmett turned her to face him and he asked her to dance.Rosalie said "There is no music, love." He didn't care and took and took her hand and they started to dance. Then he whispered softly in her ear: "Let's dance like no one is watching and love like you have never been hurt before. Try to forget if you can and dance with me" Rosalie smiled. Then Edward started to play the piano for them. They dance a traditional dance. They danced long after Edward had stopped playing. They eventually stopped dancing at 4am. They had danced for almost six hours.

Rosalie has been noticing that Edward has been going back to his old habits. She also thought about Jaspers thirst issues. So she thought of her new years resolution. She came up with five: Spend every moment she can with Emmett, have a perfect wedding, get Edward out of his depression, help Jasper over come his thirst issues, and go go another year without killing a human. The day before the wedding. She was so excited. The Denali's from Alaska are down for the wedding. She has been watching Tanya and Edward talk for a couple of minute's. She thinks that Edward and Tanya have a connection. Then she started to think about what Emmett was up to. He Edward and Alice have been go on a lot of hunting trips and every time she asked to go Alice said no. Then she thought of her vows. She thought of them for a really long time then finally wrote them down

Marriage Edit

The boy's where late the day of the wedding. So Rosalie, Esme, Alice, Tanya, Irina, and Kate where playing cards. Then Rosalie caught there scent and thought o Edward: "You're all in big trouble." Then she heard Edward say: "She is furious at us." Then Emmett laughed and she couldn't stay mad at him. Esme was the maid of honor and Alice and Tanya was bride mate's. Rosalie had to admit that she had a plan for Tanya and Edward being to get together. Phase one have them both in the bridal party. Phase two throw the boutique in Tanya's direction. Phase three have Tanya and Edward dance together. They got ready for the wedding and then it was time. The church was decorated breathtakingly beautiful. he read his vows first. Hes vows were: "My gorgeous Rosalie. I am here because I wanted to be your husband, your protector, your best friend, and your eternal lover. I have done a lot of wrong things in my life and made many mistakes before you, my beloved Rosalie, showed me the right path to follow. In return, I will follow you forever. Your angelic smile saved me from who I was and who I would have become. I am not afraid to die protecting you, Rosalie, because I love you more than life itself and I will walk beside you for the rest of eternity. I will be devoted to you, and faithful, always. I love you." I had to pick my jaw back up before I could begin my vows. The love in Emmett’s eyes, those warm liquid golden eyes, left me feeling winded… without words.Then Rosalie read her vows: "My dearest Emmett, before I met you I had lost my faith in love and men. I believed that no man could be trusted, but that changed drastically when I met you. From the moment I herd your voice and saw you, your beauty almost blinding me. I felt drawn to you. You brought me alive from the hollow shell I was dying inside of. It was your tight embrace that sheltered me from the world and protected me from any harm. Your kindness that showed me the light and your faith that reignited mine. I had lost my faith in love, but now I believe again - and it’s because of you. Emmett, you have impacted my life in such a positive way and I will be eternally grateful. You have turned me into a new being. I promise to love, honor and tend to you for the rest of our lives. I will be your strength, just as you have become mine, and with this ring I pledge that I will walk beside you as your friend, you’re lover and partner. I love you, always."


Rosalie and Emmett

The minister announced Emmett and Rosalie husband and wife, then they kissed with a passion so intense Rosalie almost forgot where she was. Emmett wrapped his huge muscular arms around her waist and moved his hands slowly down her backside. Then Rosalie pulled back with a smile and moved his hands up then she told him to save it for the honeymoon. Naturally he had that mischievous smile on his face, and then she moved in to kiss him again. Emmett and Rosalie ran out of the church together and then stopped at the front. They hugged each other and screamed "We did it!" It started to rain and then Emmett and Rosalie looked at each other and smiled, then kissed in the rain while getting completely soaked. Then Rosalie looked at Emmett and whispered in his ear "I love you Mr.Cullen." "Not as much as I love you Mrs. Cullen" he whispered back.

It was time to throw the bouquet. All the girls gathered up, even Esme. Rosalie looked at Tanya and tried to aim for her. She threw the bouquet and Alice pushed Irina and Tanya and caught the bouquet. Rosalie looked at Alice and tapped her foot madly. The reception was beautiful. Edward and Esme gave there own speech that where gorgeous. Rosalie and Emmett had there first dance together. Edward and Tanya danced together but Rosalie was said to see the Edward had no interest in Tanya.

Emmet had a wedding gift for Rosalie. Remember when all the Cullen's kept leaving without Rosalie. Rosalie finally found out where and what they were doing. They have been building a house for Rosalie and Emmett, as a wedding gift. The house has two floors and a standard kitchen. The living room has a twelve foot ceiling and rare works of art on each wall. The house didn't have any furniture because they knew Rosalie would want to decorate it herself. After Emmett gave her the tour of the house they gathered there stuff. Then in was time to spend there first night as husband and wife. The next day they laughed, threw the football in the backyard, and talked for hours about there wedding and there future. They held each other, flirted like teenagers, and made love. Emmett even broke the bed. He went to jump on Rosalie and jumped to hard and broke the bed. They couldn't stop laughing. They finally got dressed and went over to see there family. Carlisle and Esme volunteered to repair the damages. Rosalie offered to help but Emmett whispered in her ear " We're going on our honeymoon as soon as we leave here, beautiful." Rosalie smiled and asked Alice about clothes. Then they left to go pack.

The HoneymoonEdit

After there hunting trip Rosalie and Emmett gathered there bags and left. The whole time Emmett would not tell Rosalie where they were going. When they finally reached there destination, Rosalie realized that it was her hometown of Rochester New York. Rosalie showed Emmett around the city. After they took a tour of the city they checked into there hotel. Emmett wanted to stay in to keep a low profile. Rosalie told Emmett that she was going clothes shopping but she had other plans. She went to her old house. She sat on a bench right across the street. She stared at the house, then a women came out. Rosalie didn't know who the women was.“Excuse me ma’am, is there anything I can do to help you? Could you please stop gawking? You are distressing mistress Eve” said the women. Rosalie asked what happened to the previous owners. The lady asked if Rosalie new the previous owners and Rosalie said she was a long distance relative.

Rosalie and Emmett

Rosalie and Emmett

“I am sorry about your wasted trip ma’am, but the Hales haven’t lived here for ten years. The Hales went through a terrible time I am afraid to say. It started with the murder of their daughter, Rosalie Hale. The rumors say she was a beautiful woman - her beauty was heavenly. She was engaged to a noble gentleman named Royce King. One evening she was just gone, vanished. No one ever saw the poor beauty again. Of course lots of people believe another family had something to do with her death. I believe their names were the Cullens. They disappeared on the same night as poor Rosalie. Not long after Royce King - Rosalie’s fiance was brutally murdered. Such a shame. Stories were told of how a kind and noble man he was. The Hales’ struggle continued as the mistress of the house passed away about twelve years ago, she went into a deep depression after losing her daughter. She lost the will to live without her child. The man of the house was fired from his job and lost the house. I heard that Mr. Hale died a week ago and is being buried today… this afternoon, in fact."
She told the lady thank you for the help and then left. She went straight to the cemetery.

Rosalie watched as his father got buried from a distance. She noticed that her brothers had grown to respectable men. They both had a wife and children. One of her brother's daughter's were crying and he said “It’s okay now, little Rosalie. Don’t cry. Grandfather will always be with you, right here.” Rosalie was touched to see that one of her brothers named his daughter after her. She got caught up in her thought's when she saw a 17 year old boy walking toward her. “Excuse me ma’am, can I help you with something?” Rosalie shock her head. Then he said his name was Henry. Rosalie finally realized that it was Vera's son. They talked for brief time. He said he wanted to become a doctor and cure the influenza in witch Vera and her husband died to in an early age. When he left he went over to one of Rosalie's brother's and pointed to her. "Rosalie" her brother mouthed. He started to walk toward her and then she started to walk away. Her brother started to run and then she ran at full speed.

Rosalie went back to the cemetery at nightfall. She went to her parents gravestones and told them everything. She knew that they couldn't hear her but it made her feel better. Then she looked ahead and saw Royce King's tombstone. She stormed over to Royce's tombstone and punched it and watched it crumple to small rocks. Rosalie did something she never did before, she swore...not once but many times. She punched the grave over and over growling and hissing. Emmett came up behind her and put his arms around her and lifted her up and then put her down shushing her. Then she turned around and hugged Emmett really tight. On the way back to the hotel they didn't talk. They decided to go home early for the best.They were running throw the forest when Rosalie realized Emmett was watching her intensly when he swung her on his back and started running again. She held him tight. After a while Emmett stopped


Rosalie and Emmett

running and asked in a whisper "Are you still suffering because of Royce's past actions?" After a moment Rosalie said yes. Emmett said that she can vent her feeling's to him. She told him everything. From the lady at the house and Henry and everything else. Emmett listened until Rosalie finished. Emmett said that he brought her to New York to find closer. To direct her to the door so she can close it herself and never look back. Rosalie said that mabye she would never recover from what Royce and his friends did to her. "I am a vampire, and it is true I do have time on my side, but there would be no journey for me to take, nothing new and exciting to do." Rosalie said. Emmett snorted, growled at Rosalie and said "huh you're full of it." Rosalie was hurt and puzzled. He looked at her and said "what do you think we are doing now, isn't new and exciting? We're starting out as husband and wife and starting our new life together." She smiled and realized Emmett was right. She leaned in and kissed his neck. He cheered up quick and they maid love in the woods. The next day Rosalie spent the day in Emmett's arm's. They decided to leave that night.

Rosalie was terrified to go see her family so she just staid at her new home. Emmett told her no one would be mad at her but she didn't listen. She even tried to convince Emmett to run away with her and start a new life but he said "no, all will be well, no one is going to judge you or punish you more then you are already doing to yourself. Also it would hurt Esme very much if we did that." Rosalie sighed. Rosalie and Emmett sat in there living room and noticed that all the damages that they had created had been fixed. Every once in a while Emmett would nudge and encourage Rosalie to go see the family. She was so ashamed of what she had done that she never thought she would ever be ready to see the family. Emmett asked her if she would be okay home alone while he went to see the family. She said go. Rosalie spent most of the day and evening alone. Then he went to go on the roof. Then she noticed a sweat sell. Esme was coming.

Esme asked how Rosalie was doing and she lied and said "fine." She thanked Esme for fixing up the house. Then after a few minute's of silence Rosalie asked what was taking so long. "He's gone hunting with the others," she said "I asked him to go with the others without me, so i could come and talk to you on m own." She was shocked when Esme put her arm around
Rosalie-Emmett-emmett-and-rosalie-7775985-488-500 (1)

Rosalie and Emmett

her and pulled her in for a strong hug. "I suppose Alice had a vision and told you all about it." Rosalie said ashamed. "No it was Emmett. he's so worried about you, he thought you could use a Mother to talk to so hear I am." Rosalie told Esme everything that happened and what she was holding back, Start to finish not leaving anything out. Rosalie cringed at the end of her story awaiting Esme's judgement. But once again to Rosalie's surprise Esme pulled Rosalie closer and apologized and said that she didn't know how much she was suffering.

Rosalie thought of what happened that night with Royce. "If I had to redo my life over I would have dumped Royce and found someone better and be there for my mother to save her from dying from a broken heart - and my father too," Rosalie finally admitted. Rosalie told Esme how bad she felt, how conflicted she felt, how she loved Emmett more than anything in her life including herself but she would trade him with all her heart for one more chance at being human again. She knew how selfish she sounded but that is how she feels. "It is understandable to feel this way but life doesn't alway's work out the way you want to," Esme said, quietly. Rosalie wanted to be so much like Esme and told her so. "You don't have to change at all, you have already changed so much when you became a vampire." Esme responded. I looked at her puzzled and Esme continued. "I know what you thought of me when you first became one of us. Edward told me everything, but I don't hold it against you," Esme half smiled lovingly and Rosalie frowned. "When you were human, you were selfish and shallow princess who only cared about yourself and no one else. Then you became a vampire and committed very violent acts against Royce and his friends and while it was wrong, I do understand why you did it. But, then you found Emmett and had him changed and it was his love that influenced you to become the lovely person you are now," Esme paused gathering her thoughts."You have matured with Emmet and blossomed into a beautiful woman on the outside as well as the inside, too. I don’t care about your past only your present and future. I consider you to be my daughter now and we are bonded, not by blood, but by venom,” Esme finished. "Thank You," Rosalie breathed. “Come,” Esme said. “The others will want to see you once they return from their hunting. Alice will not tell her vision to anyone -I have already asked her not to,” Esme promised. They went to the house to go see the family.



Rosalie's husband Emmett Cullen

Emmett CullenEdit

Emmett Cullen is Rosalie's husband and true love. Rosalie first saw Emmett getting killed by a bear. When she first saw Emmet he reminded her of her friend Vera's son Henry. Rosalie saw that Emmett had dimples just like Henry. She saved him from the bear and then ran 100 miles to Carlisle and asked him to save Emmett. Rosalie preferred to be with Emmett as much as possible. Rosalie watched over Emmett when he was a new born. She wanted to make sure that he didn't have to many slip ups. Rosalie and Emmett got engaged on Christmas day. Esme and Alice planned the wedding. Rosalie wanted the wedding to be on March 17 St Patrick's day because that is Emmett's favorite holiday. He loved how everyone got drunk. On their honeymoon they went to Rosalie's hometown of Rochester New York. Rosalie found out that her mother and father had died. She also found out that one of her brother's named his daughter after her. Rosalie and Emmett cut there honeymoon short and they spent a night in the woods. Every couple of years Rosalie and Emmett get married again. They are madly in love. They spend most of there time together. Every time they leave each other they kiss. They both hate to leave each other. Rosalie feel's safer when she is with Emmett. Emmett say's where Rosalie goes he goes when they don't have to leave each other. Rosalie and Emmet love each other more then life itself. But Rosalie is still sad that she can not have children with Emmett. Rosalie always wanted to have children and watch them play in the back yard with Emmett at her side. Rosalie and Emmett sometime's live away from the rest of the Cullen's as newlyweds.

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Rosalie's sister Alice Cullen

Alice CullenEdit

Alice Cullen is Rosalie's adoptive sister. Rosalie didn't like Alice. Rosalie thought Alice was weird and to outgoing. Then Alice and Rosalie started to get to know each other and then they became best friends. They are like real sisters. They both have a very strong bond of fashion. They always go shopping together. Alice also helped Esme plan Rosalie's wedding. Alice loved to plan weddings. Alice had a vision that her and Bella would become best friends. Rosalie got mad because she thought Alice was replacing her with Bella. Rosalie doesn't like Bella at all so it mad her twice as mad that it was Bella who was replacing her. But they are still best friends and are still just like sisters. Alice and Rosalie both like dreesing Bella and then there niece Renesmee.

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Rosalie's brother Edward Cullen

Edward CullenEdit

Edward Cullen is Rosalie's adoptive brother. When Rosalie first met Edward when she was a human. They didn't like each other at all. When Carlisle was about to change her Edward said not to and let her die cause he didn't like Rosalie. When Rosalie was being changed she was begging Carlisle, Edward, and Esme to just kill her. When she became a vampire they still didn't like each other. Then they got to know each other and they started to like each other. But they never had a special romantic connection as Carlisle had hoped. Rosalie noticed that Edward looked very depressed and alone. Rosalie tried to help Edward get a girlfriend and help him get out and out of his depression. But it didn't work. When he met Bell he came out of his depression and livened up. Rosalie love's Emmett but she was jealous of Bella because Edward never had a physical and romantic attraction to her.When Edward said that he exposed that he and his family are vampire's Rosalie was furious and yelled at him and said that the whole family is in trouble because of what he had done. When Edward saved Bella when Tyler almost hit her, Rosalie was furious. She went straight to the hospital and yelled at him. They didn't have much of a good relationship after that. Edward stopped talking to Rosalie because he love's Bella and he was mad the Rosalie didn't like Bella without knowing her and was trying to break them up. Rosalie doesn't want to help Bella when she is in danger because she thought her family and her would be in greater danger then they already but she did help a little for her family and brother.


Rosalie's mother Esme Cullen

Esme Cullen Edit

Esme Cullen is Rosalie's adoptive mother. Rosalie first thought that Esme was poor and that she was a housewife. But after she became a vampire and learned more a bout Esme they became very close. Rosalie and Esme have a very strong relationship. Rosalie and Esme are very protective of each other. Rosalie think's of Esme as a role model. Rosalie loves Esme like a real mom. Rosalie also think's of Esme as a real mom and best friend. Rosalie alway's goes to Esme for advice and to talk to her about important and personal thing's. Esme alway's listen's to Rosalie's problem's and concern's. Rosalie say's Esme alway's tell's her opinion, what Esme would do, and tell's Rosalie that everything is going to be okay. She love's how loving and excepting Esme is no matter how bad the story is that Rosalie tell's her.


Rosalie's brother Jasper Hale

Jasper HaleEdit

Jasper Hale is Rosalie's adoptive brother. Jasper took Rosalie's last name so that they can pretend they were twins They have a lot of similar feature's for two people who have never ever met each other and they where born in two different century's and had differnet family's. Rosalie was upset when she heard Jasper was taking her last name from. Rosalie's last name was the last thing she could keep of her human life and loved it deeply. At first Rosalie didn't like Jasper cause of his mood control. Rosalie liked to be in control of thing's and other's. She alway's felt violated and unaware of her emotion's when he controlled her emotion's. Jasper had issues with his thirst for human's. So Rosalie tried to help him overcome his thirst issues for her New year's resolution and to help him live a better life. Rosalie loved to help the one's she care for. Rosalie and Jasper have a very strong bond. They look out for each other. They are like real brother and sister.


Rosalie's sister in law Bella Swan

Bella SwanEdit

Bella Swan is Rosalie's adoptive sister in law. When Rosalie first met Bella she didn't like her. She hated how Bella's blood was so strong and how she was so fasinated by her family and Edward. She thought that Bella was endangering her family. She hated how they always had to save her from thing's. She hated how the wolves and them had to work together to save her. She also thought Bella was stupid for wanting to become a vampire. She wanted Bella to live her life as a human and with a human family and husband she would love just as much as she loved Edward. She told Bella of how she became a vampire and tried to convince her not to want to become a vampire. When Rosalie found out that Bella was having a baby she tried to help Bella because Rosalie always wanted to have children. When Bella had Renesmee Rosalie spent a lot of time with her. For the first couple of day's Rosalie took care of Renesmee while Bella was becoming a vampire. Rosalie and Bella are now friend's since Bella had Renesmee and became a vampire and is not a danger to there family.


Rosalie's adoptive father Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle CullenEdit

Carlisle Cullen is Rosalie's adoptive father. Carlisle found Rosalie dieing in the middle of the sidewalk after being raped and beating by her fiance and friend's. He tried to help her humanly but there was to much damage done. So he had to change her into a vampire. After the incident Rosalie had a hard time trusting men. Then after Emmett she warmed up to men and then started to trust the men in her family. Rosalie and Carlisle have a real father daughter relationship. They love each other like father and daughter.


Rosalie's niece Renesmee Cullen

Renesmee CullenEdit

Renesmee Cullen is Rosalie's adoptive niece. Rosalie aleays wanted to have children so when Rosalie found out that Bella was pregnent she was happy. She protected Renesmee from the rest of the family who wanted to abort the baby. When Renesmee was born Rosalie tried to be with her as much as possible. She and Jacob argue about who gets to hold her or feed her and stuff like that. Rosalie and Alice play dress-up with Renesme and Rosalie combs her hair. Rosalie looks as Renesmee as her daughter and loves her greatly.

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